Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What I'm working on

The Prop House

Being the treasure huntress that I am, I need a place to store, organize, and catalog my treasures.  It's no fun when they start to take over your living space.  Being a "perfectionist virgo", I tend to squirrel them away, out of sight where I've forgotten what I have.  Although many are in plain sight and are threatening to take over! My wonderful Mom, who rarely denies me anything has offered to let my use her garage which we've dubbed "The Prop House", much like my friends Eddie & Jaithan's.  You may have seen the post on the big yard sale they recently had from clearing it out to make room for new treasures.

Here's what my Dining Room currently looks like.

And this is our garage...  actually my husband's "mancave" which is currently under siege by my ever growing stash of treasures!

There is even more stored up here that I haven't seen in years!

It's been an ongoing process the last several months... but we are very close to it finally becoming a reality!  After clearing out and organizing several rooms in my Mom's house and countless garage sales and trips to the Goodwill, Salvation Army and local consignment shop, the garage is now empty.  The "good stuff" that was being stored in the garage is tucked under a tent in the backyard and we are putting up the shelving today!  

Temporary shelter for "the good stuff" that is being housed

under a tent in the backyard until we get the "prop house" set up.

My son Chris about to start assembling the shelving units.

A peek outside the french doors which lead out from the left side of the "prop house"  to the back garden where we will soon be able to hold private sales!

A look down the driveway.

I just picked up this amazing marquee of sorts which I think will work great to advertise our private sales!

Are you thinking I should try out for American Pickers?

(If you would like to be notified of upcoming sales send your email address to ladolfina@comcast.net and I will add you to our list)


Anonymous said...

Maps! I saw big maps!

I think you are onto something Terri, I can't wait to be tempted.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

That is one special Mom! That stuff looks so good Terri, I would let you store it in my garage too! Great sale signage, looks like great fun. Much love XO

Gaia said...

I don't understand...did you find everything and did you sell it? or what? do you have a vintage store?
I'd love your old luggages and many other things...everything looks so amazing!
Thanks for your nice comment!
I really loved it! You've been so kind and your words made my day!
I hope this is the beginning of a knew blogfriendshiP!
Have a nice week!

Gaia said...

I'd love to buy your old little bottles and the luggage!
Do you sell them?
please contact me at gaia.borzicchi@gmail.com

Kerry said...

Groan...everytime you post something like this I want to hop on a plane with a big storage container!! All the best with this wonderful new phase Terri...and big smiles to your mum too!

lisaroy said...

my goodness what a treasure trove of goodies!! It will be great to get it all organized and will be such an inspirational space just to go and look at everything!! wish I lived closer... : )

Privet and Holly said...

First of all, everything you find is THE GOOD STUFF! You are amazing : ) Second, only YOU would have a garage with a WINDOWSEAT!!! I think you have the midas touch, sweet friend.
I sure would LOVE to attend one of your sales. And that sign!!! WOW. xx Suzanne

Kathysue said...

Terri, You are doing it!!!! I am so proud of you, this is amazing, sweetie. Gotta love your gorgeous MOM. I am so excited for you, I know how well you will do, I just know it!!! I see lots of wonderful treasures that people are just going to want to buy, buy, buy. I am loving the wicker baskets!!!! Hugs Kathysue, Tell Christopher, great job!!

Jeanne Henriques said...

Terri...this is all Virgo speak to me...beautiful objects, organization and more organization and a plan that is becoming a reality! From one Virgo to another...You go girl!!!

All looking wonderful. I look forward to following :)


Debra@CommonGround said...

What an amazing place! I could wander through here for hours, a perfect place for occasional sales! I'm looking forward to see what you'll be doing!

TwoMaisons said...

I think my next brocante date should be in your Mom's garage. France can wait! It looks fabulous. Bon Chance! ~Susan

Barbara Jacksier said...

Perhaps you could start a prop rental shop. Great treasures!

Unknown said...

That is amazing! It just keeps getting better! Can't wait to see what is in "store" next! :)

sharon santoni at my french country home said...

Well Terri! My! have you been busy !! Really sorry I haven't been over to see your progress, I am amazed at all your treasures, they are beautiful.
You must be so excited getting this going, I know your new project is going to be a huge success.

vignette design said...

How exciting! Girl, you need a store! Or have you thought of selling at Alameda? I would love to be added to your email list when you have a yard sale. That way I can also meet you! Your stuff looks great!

Angie said...

HOW FUN!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see how the prop house looks once you've got it all set up!!!

Dumbwit Tellher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dumbwit Tellher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dumbwit Tellher said...

This post just confirms over & over that you have that special eye for beautiful treasure. I could spend a week w/you Terri just hearing you tell the tale of how you located each find and where. You have a super great mom, great son, and if that is your husbands man-cave, it's AH..mazing too. So much to love about you my friend ♥

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Terri - I'm sorry for the ridiculous deletes. I'm not sure if it's blogger or my computer..but I think I need a nap : P

Beach House Living said...

You are really trying to get me to come to Cali so I can dig in your treasure piles. Or maybe just sleep under the tent with them.

Cashon&Co said...

okay, i want to live one day of your life. this looks so fun. first, your garage. that is the most amazing space. truly. wow. you would fall over if i showed you a picture of our garage. groooooossss....... ewww! i wish we could do something like that!
also, i would leave your dining room table just as it is with all those neat things on it, if you dont use it to eat that is, because it looks so cool .... like such an interesting vignette..... my collected bits&bobs never look that good together.
i'm just so impressed. you are so busy yet you remain so involved with everyone, your family and friends. I need to know your secret! :) xoxo

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