Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Canape Plates

  Manufactured in France since 1821, in the Loire Valley, Les Faienceries de Gien have been producing faience for almost 200 years.

Faience is a fine, porous earthenware which is tin-glazed and then fired repeatedly.

The sophisticated refinement of the resulting faience is what distinguishes it from other kinds of ceramic.

Gien's contemporary dinnerware emphasizes lavish designs while retaining the traditional faience glaze technique.  

The company's initial focus was on functional, everyday earthenware but soon shifted to finer, more artistic pieces.

The fabulous collections of Gien Faience are known all over the world for their beautiful patterns and vibrant colors as well as their creativity and style.

Entertaining with Gien Faience exudes French style and originality!



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